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Natural Makeup Guide

Eye Make Up: Quick and Easy Tips


You will certainly agree to me if I say that among all the features on your face, your eyes are the most striking one. It is also considered as the windows of our soul, the mirror of our hidden personas, the reflection of our personalities and true self.



Our eyes are also one of the most effective ways of communicating. It is our silent mouth. We can say what we truly want to say and we also convey our emotions through it. That is why when putting a makeup, it is important that it matches your eyes, not to mention that it should also make it look more stunning and attractive, since it can say a lot about you. Have you ever observed that when you are not wearing making at all and your eyes are nude, it look so tired and weary? However, if you also wear too much make up, you will be misinterpreted by many people with regards to your personality and all. That is why we have gathered this simple makeup tips at this website that you can use to achieve the best look for your eyes.


Just a reminder that if you are wearing contact lens, then better choose make ups that are water based instead of the oil based ones since your eyes may get sensitive. The standard rule in which women are following regarding the wearing of contact lens is to put it before you apply any makeup on and take them out after you remove your makeup. So if you are going out and already in a hurry, here are some simple and easy younique make up tips that even you can do to make your eyes mesmerizingly beautiful.


It is always important to keep your eyes healthy. You have to make sure that you are having a good night sleep all the time. If your eyes are still puffy, better hold it out with a cold cloth for few minutes before applying your make up.


Basic skin tones like tawny browns and beiges always work on just any skin tone, eye color and hair color. If you want to achieve a more natural look, then you can use natural shades of color. Blacks and smoky eyes are for evening wears and events.


After applying a beautiful eye shadow, you can now proceed on applying eyeliner. The color that you want to apply solely depends on your choice. The easiest one to apply is the pencil type. As for the liquid, you have to apply it with precision and your hands must not be shaky for a perfect touch.